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Our ballet classes range from beginner to advanced, with the primary focus on the development of proper ballet technique. Proper body alignment, classical line, musicality, and ballet vocabulary are emphasized at all levels. Whether you are seeking classes for a recreational dancer or an aspiring professional, MMDA has a place for everyone.  Students are divided into six levels starting at age 7 and placed in classes based on a combination of ability, experience, and age.  They are promoted when they have mastered the steps and theories presented at each level.  As students improve and advance, the need for additional weekly classes will arise.

Pointe work is the extension of ballet technique.  In most cases, and at the discretion of the Director, pointe classes begin when the student has completed level 3 in ballet and when the legs, feet, and body are strong enough.

Jazz dance has continued to evolve with various ethnic and cultural influences since its origin.  MMDA’S jazz program teaches basic jazz technique, terminology, and style with an emphasis on proper technique, alignment, and movement quality.  Jazz uses the language of ballet but puts the movement together in a different way. For this reason, ballet classes are required for our jazz students.

Hip Hop
Our Hip Hop classes include fresh, innovative choreography influenced by the latest street dance trends.  Students will focus on developing rhythm, musicality, and coordination while experiencing high-energy, age-appropriate choreography.  They will develop focus, strength and agility while having fun.  This is an excellent class for students who want to dance for exercise without a serious commitment. 

This class is designed to explore the dancer’s movement capabilities that lie outside the classical ballet vocabulary.   Drawing from many various styles of dance, this class challenges student’s technical awareness and promotes expression through movement where the body is the instrument.  Ballet is required for students who register in contemporary classes. 

Progressing Ballet Technique
Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative cross training program that helps dancers to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet.  PBT gives students a better understanding of core stability, weight placement and body alignment.  Students learn how to engage the right muscles in order to dance safely and correctly.

Dance Team Technique
This class is designed to prepare the student for the dance team experience.  We focus on precision, kick lines, jazz technique, as well as other requirements necessary to prepare the dancer for dance team.

Combination Classes
A combination class of ballet and tap is offered for students ages three through six and a combination class of ballet and jazz is offered for six year olds. Fundamentals of classical ballet, tap and jazz, terminology, gross motor skills and dance etiquette are taught in the combination classes.  All instructional material is presented in a fun, imaginative manner. Our goal for combo class students is to introduce them to a strong technical foundation for future learning while encouraging a passion for the arts.